New tools I’ve discovered in BYOD4L so far

As I wrote in a previous post, I’ve tried a whole bunch of solutions to the ‘problem’ of information overload.

Whist having a wander around the #BYOD4L course site today I have come across some more tools.

So, here’s the list:

1. Padlet: This seems to be an online bulletin board where people can post comments and links. As a tool it could become a collection point for information for a course, or an individual. It doesn’t seem to be hugely pretty though (although I do appreciate that it can be customised) and I wonder if Pinterest does the same (or similar) thing?

2. Edshelf: I’d love to talk about what this is, but right now I can’t get into it! On the Google-search-page-preview it says it does ‘Reviews and recommendations of tools for education’ which sounds interesting. I’ve contacted them on Twitter, so we shall see what happens. Maybe their server is down or something..?

3. I like this I think. The How Scoop.It Works video on YouTube is really great. Maybe this could be one option for curating information. And it seems to let you publish updates to Twitter and other social media platforms. Good stuff, possibly…

Not bad for an hour or so!

Oh, and in an entirely unrelated way (and a little later, this is an edit to the rest of the post above), I just discovered Etherpad (open source, real-time, collaborative document editing) through a blog I follow called Music for Deckchairs… It’s a brilliant blog mind you and this post is no exception…


4 thoughts on “New tools I’ve discovered in BYOD4L so far

  1. Hi Amanda,

    So lovely that you have made a start and some discoveries already. Perhaps you could think of how some of the tools you mention in your post would be useful for your practice? Any ideas of how you could use them and what difference these could make to your practice?

    Enjoy the course and speak again soon, ok?


    • Hi Chrissie,

      Thanks for your question. The kind of reflection you are suggesting is exactly the reason I am taking the course. So, once I’ve had a bit of time to play with these things, I’ll be in a much better place to answer.

      Right now, I am considering Scoop.It as a place to pull together useful HE research around flipped classroom, academic culture at university, modelling best practice, information overload and content curation (which all link together in my head!) so that I can share it with a colleague and we can write together.

      Interesting times 🙂

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