#BYOD4L Day two: communicating

I haven’t been able to spend my day thinking about the scenarios today (note to self to watch them first-thing tomorrow) as I’ve been a bit busy, and I’m kinda tired too. As a result I guess my thoughts are probably a little less formed than they might otherwise be.

Anyhoo, I decided to think about scenario two. As someone who works in our Learning and Teaching Centre my first thought is about showing him the LTC website and the CPD sessions and the L&T contact for his department so that he can start having conversations with others. And then encourage him onto the Post grad Cert in Academic Practice.

But this is all face-to-face and quite how that fits with BYOD is beyond me really. I am struggling with this (and feeling a little concerned to post!)

Perhaps I’d also suggest he take a course like this, or another free online course. And then maybe that he join online communities like the PeerWise Community to ask questions and see what other people are doing. I’d also want to know what, in particular he is interested in. For example, I have a colleague who is flipping his classrooms and I’d put them in touch to have a chat, and I’d probably introduce them via email or Twitter (dependent on this guys preference).

None of this feels very inspired, nor is it embedded in or supported by, tech, but I think ultimately for me this is about personal interaction and often face-to-face personal interaction…


5 thoughts on “#BYOD4L Day two: communicating

  1. Amanda, I agree that going to see people F2F is still probably the most effective method of communicating, but in some instances this is not possible, e.g. with long-distance colleagues. I think that your suggestions are a really great solution, and the PeerWiseCommunity seems like a great place to start! 🙂

  2. Very honest account Amanda. There are many questions here and this is great as you are thinking about it and your thoughts take you into different directions. Reading this posts puts me into your position and in a way you have allowed us to gain an insight into your raw and messy thoughts. It somehow reminded me of automated writing where you start writing without knowing what will be written… does this make sense? Regarding face-to-face, I agree nothing is like it. But it is not always possible to meet face-to-face for various reasons. What would we do then and why? What could enable people to communicate using rich channels?

    I hope you will get some rest and see you soon
    ps. Take it easy and don’t feel that you have to be everywhere, all the time. Pick a place and see what you can manage and learn, ok?.

  3. Chrissi, thanks for your comment and yes I understand what you mean by automated writing.
    To answer your question, I guess the reason this is such a hard scenario for me to answer (which is why I picked it) is because this is so unlikely for me come across professionally. And if I did, a Skype conversation would probably be the beginning of the answer if he or she couldn’t meet. And then I start introducing them to other people via email or twitter or similar. The networking part of my job (introducing people to each other specifically) is a bit I love!

    • Hi Neil, do you use PeerWise? If not, and you’re interested to find out more, let me know. I think it’s excellent…

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