MCQ-writing: a bibliography in no particular order (Part 1)

So, having asked lots of folk for their suggestions around MCQ-writing, I have had some great suggestions of papers and books. Here is the list (part one – in the hope that there will be a part two 🙂 ) in particular order at all:

  • Developing and Validating Multiple-choice Test Items by Thomas M. Haladyna (Routledge; 3 edition (2 Jun. 2004))
  • The College Instructor’s Guide to Writing Test Items: Measuring Student Learning Outcomes in the College Classroom by Michael Rodriguiz (Routledge (8 Jun. 2017))
  • A Review of Multiple-Choice Item-Writing Guidelines for Classroom Assessment (2010) by Thomas M. Haladyna , Steven M. Downing & Michael C. Rodriguez
  • Writing Multiple-Choice Test Items That Promote and Measure Critical Thinking (2001) by Susan Morrison & Kathleen Walsh
  • Education techniques for lifelong learning: writing multiple-choice questions for continuing medical education activities and self-assessment modules (2006) by Jannette Collins

  • Writing Multiple Choice Questions by Ruth-Marie Fincher & Ropbert Nesbit. Chapter 16 of: Handbook on Medical Student Evaluation and Assessment (Gegensatz Press; 1 edition (August 6, 2015)) [Note: I can only find this as an e-book or on American Amazon]
  • Writing Multiple-Choice Questions by Boland, Robert J, MD; Lester, Natalie A, MD; Williams, Eric, MD. Academic Psychiatry34.4 (Jul/Aug 2010): 310-6. 

  • E‐assessment by design: using multiple‐choice tests to good effect (2007) by David Nicol
  • Improving the fairness of multiple-choice questions: a literature review (2004) Paul McCoubrie
  • Faculty development on item writing substantially improves item quality (2011) Naghma Naeem, Cees van der Vleuten & Eiad Abdelmohsen Alfaris (Adv in Health Sci Educ (2012) 17:369–376)
  • Faculty development programs improve the quality of Multiple Choice Questions items’ writing (2015) by Hamza Mohammad Abdulghani et al
  • How-to-guide for writing multiple choice questions for the pharmacy instructor (2016) by Kamila A. Dell & Gwendolyn A. Wantuch

I also had some suggestions of authors whose work I could/should look at. They are:

  • Joanna Bull and anything she wrote on question authoring
  • Sally Jordan  of the Open University
  • Helen Ashton

I will continue to collect ideas and suggestions and next week I will publish any more I receive. Many thanks to those of you who have been in touch. You are brilliant!


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